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Building Your Talent Pipeline

We will build a talent pipeline based on your unique requirements for the roles and for the culture of your organization.  Our sourcers build profiles of target candidate(s) who fit skills, competencies and culture at multiple levels.

Leveraging AI based sourcing technology we develop a Talent Map identifying where the pockets of ‘passive talent’ you need are located.  We do the research on the key competitive organizations for these skill areas in your industry, and benchmark the compensation for these roles.   

Using best practices and technologies deemed to be most appropriate for your organization, our sourcers and recruiters identify passive candidates, and screen for fit against established criteria.  Talent Pipeline is presented on weekly basis for review. We continue to nurture passive candidates considered a ‘fit’, over an extended period of time, reinforcing your company brand with the candidate until they’re ready.  


We’ll collaborate to determine the right combination of services to integrate with your in-house team to make sure when one of your hiring managers have a requirement, we have candidates we’ve screened and have been nurturing till the time was right!  

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