Federal HR Operations

  • Staffing and Hiring 
  • Personnel Security  / HSPD-12
  • PAR Processing
  • eOPF audits
  • Personnel Onboarding
  • Inventory Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Project work forecasting
  • Project Reporting
  • Workforce Management

Our HR Operations Team brings specialized experience and subject matter expertise in multiple disciplines including staffing/hiring and HSPD-12 in addition to other federal HR areas.

Our HR Specialists, DEU certified as required, are experienced in merit promotion and OPM hiring timelines to meet client requirements in executing staffing and hiring needs. Our HR Specialists are experts in conducting the end to end hiring process; and equally comfortable reviewing quals and making eligibility determinations.

Our Personnel Security team is experienced in conducting eQIP reviews for thoroughness and disqualifiers; providing suitability recommendations based on vetting checks; and are experienced in working across personnel security systems.

Our HRM team, also known as the ‘Tiger Team’, is agile to move from conducting eOPF audits to PAR processing to supporting onboarding requests.

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