Accelerated Hiring Support

Solutions for Small Business Contractors

Accelerated Hiring Support

  • 1-2 Positions/month
  • Branded job postings
  • ATS for your applicants
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Candidate Nurturing
  • Pipeline Reporting weekly

For small companies, keeping up with fluctuations in staffing requirements can be challenging even with in-house recruiters and the latest talent acquisition tools and technologies!  Whether you need support with 1 hard to fill role, or would like outside support to manage candidate sourcing on 1-2 positions/month, we are your talent acquisition partner. We accelerate your hiring process through our use of sourcing technologies coupled with a  high touch candidate experience through every interaction we have as we represent your brand. We identify experienced candidates who fit the culture profile, resulting in employees who are more engaged and more likely to be retained!

Project Ramp Up & Surge Hiring Needs

Accelerated Hiring Support

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Recruitment Analytics / BI
  • Realistic Job Preview Video / Simulation Assessment
    • (if appropriate fit for role)
  • Assessments
  • Hiring Profiles
  • Job Distribution 
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • ATS / candidate pool
  • Screening Interviews
  • Candidate Nurturing
  • Weekly Tracking
  • Hiring Manager Collaboration
  • Reference Checks
  • Job Offer Negotiation

The thrill of victory after winning a new contract may seem overwhelming when needing to ramp up hiring to execute the contract – particularly when clearances or specific types of experience are required!  We work as an extension of your internal talent acquisition team to bring additional resources to accelerate your surge hiring requirements. Our team understands the business of people and know that hiring needs aren’t typically resolved M-F between 9a-5p, so with grit and moxie, our team approaches solving your hiring challenges as if they were our own.  

Our high touch service to the candidate provides a positive “candidate experience”, reinforcing your impeccable brand.

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