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We help federal contractors accelerate their hiring and staffing requirements with qualified billable professionals. We address Talent and Workforce issues looking for best fit

Best fit = competencies + skills + culture fit

because we understand that our clients want to fulfill program requirements and maintain an engaged workforce for the length of the contract.

We are a woman-owned small business (WOSB) specializing in human capital management and human resource operations (HCM/HR) in both the Federal and commercial sectors.  We work with Federal agencies and commercial organizations to look at Talent and Workforce issues that impact organizational performance; retention; and look for solutions that drive positive impacts on the workforce.


People are the currency enabling organizations to thrive. We attract, develop and retain talented ‘rock stars’ to execute mission needs. We accelerate the process for our clients, public entities and contractors, by providing a consultative white-glove approach to clients and candidates with value and a personalized experience.


Accelerating talent to meet client needs by delivering a high touch experience.

Building Our Culture to Successfully Execute Our Mission

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